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Liquid I.V.

Partnership type: Recruitment Model

Time to evolve.

Liquid I.V. develops highly effective functional products that make you feel better, faster. They work with a world-class team to create the most cutting-edge functional beverages where science meets taste.

Liquid I.V x Athelo Group

Liquid I.V. is a brand that addresses and produces a natural and effective electrolyte drink for those living an active lifestyle. The company is backed by a variety of entertainment celebrities and moguls, so as the brand looked to jump into the world of sports they knew it had the be the right blend of creativity, authenticity, and unique athletes who truly could deliver on the brand’s core values. 

Athelo Group researched and brought athletes in soccer, lacrosse, and surfing that resonated with the brands target consumer and built out a unique execution model across social platforms for each athlete individually. The results deemed fruitful with a mix of viral videos on TikTok, giveaways during Instagram live workouts, and community giveback efforts as the brand pivoted it’s marketing efforts as the COVID-19 Pandemic hit closer to home than ever.

What Liquid I.V brings to the table

Athelo Group worked with Liquid I.V. to activate a diverse recruitment model of professional athletes over the course of three months. Our team brought athletes that worked to build engaging content each month that garnered opportunities for fans to better learn about and engage with the brand. 

Our team leveraged the following athletes: DJ Diveny (Pro Soccer Freestyler), Alex Aust (Women’s Professional Lacrosse League Athlete), and Summer Macedo (World Surf League Surfer and Musician).


The future of our partnership

Over the course of three months, the results are in:

  • 61,103+ Interactions
  • 1,561,163+ Views
  • 1,492,574+ Impressions

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