June 30, 2023

TGL: Golf's Newest "IT" League

As the drama continues to swirl in the aftermath of the PGA and LIV Golf unification, a new and innovative adaptation of professional golf is preparing to debut in January 2024. TMRW Sports has partnered with the PGA Tour to create the TGL, an indoor golf competition utilizing the advanced technology available to the organization. The competition will take place in a brand new, state-of-the-art arena located in Palm Beach, Florida. The arena will contain a movie theater size screen for long-distance shots and a short game area containing greens and bunkers for putting and chipping. TGL will have a unique team format with players competing in 6 teams of 3 players. 12 of the world's top golfers have committed to play in the league as of today including stars such as Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Jon Rahm, Justin Thomas, amongst others. 

What is TGL?

The First Teams

While the golf world was being turned upside down by the PGA and LIV news, the TGL announced its first-ever franchise on June 8th. Los Angeles Golf Club took to Twitter to break the news that it is the first of six teams that will be joining TGL this coming fall. The franchise has a powerhouse ownership group consisting of the founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian, as well as tennis legends Serena and Venus Williams. Due to the high profiles and large followings of its owners, the league is sure to generate plenty of attention. The league has also received investments from major stars such as Stephen Curry, Justin Bieber, Lewis Hamilton, Shaquille O’Neal and many more. 

On June 26, the league announced their second team, TGL Boston, with an affiliation to another major American sports city. It now appears that each franchise will be city-based, which is interesting considering all the events will be taking place in Palm Beach, Florida. The team was quick to notify fans that the name “TGL Boston'' will not be for long, as they are currently working on an official team name and logo that best represents the city. The Boston franchise is owned by the famous Fenway Sports Group which also has a stake in the Boston Red Sox, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Liverpool Football Club. The Fenway Sports Group has had great success with its franchises to date, but only time will tell if that success can translate to the golf world. 

What is TGL?

Broadcasting Details

The league’s season will be 15 weeks long with an event every Monday night beginning in January and running through April. The competition will be at a much faster pace than golf fans are accustomed to with a 2-hour time limit per match. Considering the MLB has seen boosts in viewership with the implementation of a pitch clock this season, TGL founders will likely also experience the benefits of speeding up a historically slow-paced game. Another unique aspect of the broadcast is that players will be mic’d up during the matches, giving fans the added entertainment value of hearing player conversations in real-time. 

This league will present a great opportunity for players to show their personalities and better market themselves as they won’t be confined to the traditional rules of a golf tournament. The league will also lean heavily into gambling opportunities for fans by incorporating betting information into their broadcasts. While there isn't currently a TV deal in place for the league, there will surely be a bidding war amongst major television networks with golf legends like Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy involved. 

Professional golf is currently in one of the most uncertain times in the history of the sport due to the controversy of the PGA and LIV unification. However, one thing remains for sure: when Tiger Woods is playing golf, people watch. Tiger and company will certainly draw massive media attention to this revolutionary golf league that has the chance to change the future of the sport. 


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