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Partnership type: Recruitment Model

Time to evolve.

Celsius Fitness Drinks aims to power an active lifestyle with functional energy. Their formula doesn’t just work to increase energy, but it also helps to boost the metabolism and help burn body fat more efficiently. Celsius takes pride in its ingredients. They don’t include artificial preservatives or flavors, aspartame, or high fructose corn syrup. 

Celsius x Athelo Group

Celsius has long been focused on the influencer, lifestyle, and fitness space. When we started working with Celsius, our goal was to help them establish opportunities within different avenues. We expanded their reach into new sports, honed in on unique creative opportunities, and identified an audience that loves their product.  

What We’ve Learned from Celsius

Our work with Celsius continues to further solidify our robust, mutually beneficial relationship. They are a part of our team. Together, we’re expanding our shared Rolodex to new relationships and regularly working to enhance our current relationships. With Celsius in our corner, we are constantly learning new ways to recruit our ideal talent.

What Celsius brings to the table

Celsius knows how to recruit. They have perfected their ability to adapt to different talents and personalities so they can be open to a more diverse pool of potential partners. Celsius has zeroed in on what it means to help their brand partners become storytellers for their products.  

The future of our partnership

Expand is the name of the game for Celsius. We will continue to build off of the sturdy foundation they established to find new verticals to explore. Through opportunities such as email outreach and product placement, we’re going to keep finding media opportunities for Celsius outside of social media.   

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