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Partnership type: Elevated Partnership

Time to evolve.

Fisker isn’t simply adding another electric vehicle to the market; they strive to take stock of their position in the world and find new ways to leverage their platform for the better good. They interlace genuine emotion and a sustainability-first mindset into the very fabric of their brand. These values are clearly displayed through its thoughtfully designed vehicles, the “green thread” of environmentalism and social responsibility in their branding, and the robust partnerships they form. 

Fisker x Athelo Group

Our athlete, Zane Schweitzer, was looking for a brand that matched his passions. He was fresh off parting ways with a brand that wasn’t giving him the space to show up as his authentic self. That’s when we partnered with Fisker. This was a brand Zane could represent while also being an advocate for the causes he cares about.

What We’ve Done for Fisker

Teaming up Zane and Fisker was a no-brainer. With a strong drive to put sustainability and social change at the forefront of their respective brands, it was clear that this partnership would be seamless. In our time working with Fisker, we have helped increase their credibility within Zane’s niche. With Zane positioned as the largest ambassador for their next vehicle line-up, a hyperniche community of like-minded individuals now have Fisker on their radar. 

What We’ve Learned from Fisker

Working with Fisker has been a practice in building authority and credibility. Through our publicity efforts with this brand, we were able to streamline our processes and deduce what an audience will be drawn to. Tracking down this partnership also showed us the value of not only securing contract deals but also adding value for our athletes. The difference between a partnership forged out of common core values and those that don’t is evident in the results. 

What Fisker brings to the table

With a celebrity factor and a solid foundation of credibility, Fisker is a brand that will continue to have a lot to offer its customers and the talent they partner with. They know how to tend to their athletes and you will see this in their strong publicity efforts dedicated to their ambassadors. Fisker is a truly exceptional brand to partner with. 

The future of our partnership

We hope to continue supporting Zane and Fisker in their efforts to move towards a more sustainable future. As their partnership continues to grow, we will be there to facilitate the relationship and make sure both parties continue to benefit from working together.

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