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Head High Wines.

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Time to evolve.

Crafted under the exceptional terroir of Sonoma County, Head High Wines is an environmentally-conscious brand at an attainable price. This company is led with adventure at its core. Founded by surfers and other adventurers, they hope to infuse their products with the same kind of passion their team exudes in everyday life.

Head High Wines x Athelo Group

We were introduced to Head High Wines’ sister company Three Sticks through one of our partnering athletes, Zane Schweitzer. They were in the process of finding a niche for sustainable business practices within the wine industry; a feat that’s hard to come by. Soon, Head High Wines forged forward with their mission to craft planet-conscious wine. They enlisted Athelo Group’s help to plot out content narration and events involving athletes. 

What We’ve Done for Head High Wines

Athelo Group set out to assist Head High Wines in telling a story about sustainability through the lens of winemaking. Together, we cultivated a creative strategy on how to tie their sustainable business practices into opportunities within both the sports and wine industries. The goal was to form custom collaboration strategies down the line. Over the next two years, we will continue to work on developing their entire marketing strategy and building brand awareness through their partnership with Zane.

What We’ve Learned from Them

While we have worked with beer and wine companies before, we never ventured into the world of wine production before Head High. Working with this unique brand gave us the flexibility and freedom to be in-house with a wine company. They give us the chance to work on the building blocks of their brand as well as athlete portrayal. This has been a great opportunity for Athelo to flex our brand development muscles.

What Head High Wines brings to the table

Sustainability is a niche that consumers are growing more and more interested in. Head High Wines is a leader in its field when it comes to eco-conscious wine. The owner of the company, Bill Price, offers a huge network to tap into which will continue to come in handy as this brand continues to develop and grow.

The future of our partnership

There are a lot of fun ventures on the horizon for Head High Wines. Our focus now is to support them in any way they need as their message goes to market. We will continue to facilitate their relationship with Zane and other athletes so all parties are getting the most out of their partnerships. We’re looking forward to the strides we will continue to make together!

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