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Humorous as they are defined, Manscaped is not your average grooming company. Not only do they offer a range of products for distinguished gentlemen, but they also save balls! Manscaped partners with the Testicular Cancer Society to help raise awareness around this serious issue (and to remind you to check your boys for testicular cancer at least once a month). Manscaped brings a lighthearted, brash energy to their business and that’s why they make for such a fun brand partner. 

Manscaped x Athelo Group

We were drawn in by the quirky, sarcastic energy of Manscaped. This was a brand that knew who they were and weren’t afraid to display that. When we first partnered with Manscaped, they were looking to partner with new athletes within different sports. With such a one-of-a-kind voice, we were excited to find a perfect individual to fill that role. 

What We’ve Done for Manscaped

Our goal was to find a compatible brand-athlete partnership that would benefit both parties. We found this in the relationship between Ashley Horner and Manscaped. With a target audience of men, it may seem counterintuitive for them to team up with a woman, but Ashley can reach both their core audience as well as other women who have a desire to take care of the men in their lives.


Aside from this core partnership, Athelo Group also helped Manscaped partner with various athletes to promote the all-new Lawn Mower 3.0. They allowed the athletes the creativity and freedom to create content that leveraged their product to the athlete’s specific audiences. The results themselves speak numbers.


The results are in:


76,757+ Interactions

859,638+ Views

897,895+ Impressions

What We’ve Learned from Manscaped 

Athelo Group serves as a bridge between our partners. In working with Manscaped, we learned a lot about fostering longevity in partnerships. For instance, we helped facilitate extending a 1-year partnership into a long-term relationship between the brand and one of our athletes. It was a practice of starting small and letting that connection flourish organically. This also gave us an opportunity to source fresh talent from different verticals such as European football players. 

What Manscaped brings to the table

Manscaped has balls. This is a brand that isn’t afraid to try new things, go off the cuff, and take risks. For us, that’s a playground for experimentation. Not every brand is willing to work outside of the box which can be limiting when it comes time to advance their growth and reach. Manscaped grants us the creative freedom to go wild and see where it takes us.

The future of our partnership

We’re eager to see what the future holds for our partnership with Manscaped. We hope to continue helping them push the envelope in new and innovative ways as we continue to work together. We also hope to continue to create a space for this brand and our athletes to form authentic relationships. 


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