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NOW Foods.

Partnership type: Recruitment Model

Time to evolve.

NOW Foods is a family-owned company founded in 1968. Since its inception, this brand has strived to be a leader in the natural products industry. They stepped onto the scene when there was little to no interest in the “health foods” marketplace. Founder Elwood Richard saw the benefit of natural products and sought to make them affordable to the masses. Today, the Richard family still runs NOW Foods with that core mission in mind.

NOW Foods x Athelo Group

We connected with NOW Foods while on the hunt for a more well-rounded nutrition company to add to our rolodex. We wanted a brand that focused broadly on the lifestyle space. NOW Foods fit the bill seamlessly. They can target a niche market while also sponsoring a versatile roster of nutrition-focused athletes. It was clear to us that this brand would be well-suited to mesh with a lot of different personalities. 

What We’ve Done for NOW Foods

Athelo Group helped leverage the existing versatility of the NOW Foods brand to recruit niche nutritional athletes. We helped extend their reach into key markets outside of the midwest. They gained a presence in unique markets such as Hawaii, Florida, and Long Island. We worked with them to build an authentic brand ambassador presence in markets that the company had not quite yet reached.

What We’ve Learned from Them

Our partnership with NOW Foods continues to help us access a wider pool of recruitment talent. NOW Foods also gave us the chance to build credibility in certain spaces where they are well-known in and had previously established athlete relationships. Overall, our time with NOW Foods has given us the chance to grow our B2B relational skills.

What NOW Foods brings to the table

NOW Foods appeals to a far-reaching demographic of consumers and athlete ambassadors. This brand can speak to moms, people on the keto diet, weightlifters, and more. It’s invaluable to be in partnership with a brand that can cater to athletes in such a wide variety of sports.

The future of our partnership

Together, Athelo Group and NOW Foods will continue to work with a diverse array of athletes to garner the best possible brand partnerships for all parties involved. We will tap into more unique markets and help to expand their reach even more so as we continue our partnership.

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