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Partnership type: Content x Distribution Focused Partnership

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Outside TV, a ​​television network based on the critically acclaimed Outside Magazine, aims to highlight premium content for the adventure sport and outdoor lifestyle sphere. They keep their viewers looped in on the latest content about snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, climbing, kayaking, surfing, and more. This Emmy Award winning brand is the staple for those who love outdoor recreation.  

OutsideTV x Athelo Group

Partnering with Outside TV gave us the opportunity to tell a story that would resonate with many of our athletes as well as their audience. Since our athletes and their supporters are naturally inclined to be interested in this brand, it creates a space to engage in authentic storytelling in a variety of different verticals and channels. 

What We’ve Done for Outside TV

Our collaboration with Outside TV offered them an opportunity to leverage the talent of our outdoor sports athletes for unique storytelling opportunities. One of our recent ventures involved professional surfer, Summer Macedo. She hosted their March Campfire Contest [2020], a user-generated monthly content series that encourages adventurers from all backgrounds to submit their best videos to accumulate points and win prizes from some of the host's many different partners. 

What We’ve Learned from Outside TV

Working with a prolific brand such as Outside TV positioned us to be a trusted resource for other brand partners and athletes considering working with Athelo Group. Another benefit of working with Outside TV was the increased reach their platform granted our athletes. 

What OutsideTV brings to the table

Outside TV serves as a great connector for our athletes, their other brand partnerships, and the greater outdoor adventure and sports community. Their messaging resonates with a broad audience. This allows them to organize events such as the March Campfire contest. 

With support from Maui Jim, Roxy, Suja, Primal Kitchen, Liquid IV, and Traeger Grills, this contest fueled engagement across all Outside TV platforms, connecting their sponsors with a streamlined demographic of passionate and enthusiastic outdoor consumers.

The future of our partnership

We’re eager to collaborate with Outside TV more in the future. Many of our athletes are authorities on the outdoor adventure industry. Partnering with this brand makes perfect sense for a lot of these talents. The buzz they generate within their own sports is amplified through working with Outside TV and their audience is sure to drive viewership to the programming they’re involved with.

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