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Partnership type: Elevated Partnership

Time to evolve.

At Snapbac, everyone can tap into the everyday athlete within them. Their Complete Training Clothing isn’t just for working out – it helps you warm up, work out, and recover. Combined with easy to insert heat and ice therapy pods, Snapbac will become your new standard for quality activewear. Fans of their signature compression wear can now enjoy Snapbac with their leisure garments too. This brand wants to simplify staying active and tending to your body afterward.   

Snapbac x Athelo Group

When we started our partnership with Snapbac, they were still in the process of defining their consumer audience. We collaborated with Buzzworthy to help Snapbac refine its commercial content for viral potential. They honed in on their role in the fitness space while also expanding into lifestyle and entertainment. 

What We’ve Done for Snapbac

Our mission was to support Snapbac while they spread the word on their tech-infused product and its functionality across everyday life activities. What better way to do so than pair a rising talent in athletics with a rising brand? With the goal to reach the everyday athlete in all of us, Athelo Group positioned everybody’s favorite Freestyler, DJ Diveny, to educate consumers on the Snapbac tech-infused product and its functionality across everyday life activities.

What We’ve Learned from Snapbac 

Snapbac offered a path to explore unique ways to reach different consumers. We were pleased with the credibility this gained our athlete DJ. While our time working with Snapbac has come to a close, we still retain all the important lessons they taught us for other ventures. We’re happy to walk away with more strategies as well as new brand opportunities and partnerships they helped us secure. 

What Snapbac brings to the table

Snapbac has an innovative approach. From their product line to their outreach methods, they are at the forefront of their industry. They know how to build curiosity and deliver a top-notch product. We admire their creativity and open mind for pushing the envelope. 

The future of our partnership

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