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Partnership type: Recruitment Model

Time to evolve.

Traditional primary healthcare can be a headache. SteadyMD is charting a completely new path for how we interact with our doctors. They offer comprehensive, personalized online care that allows one to seek medical assistance from the comfort of their home. SteadyMD strives to match their patients with a doctor experienced in their specific medical needs. It’s attentive primary care at your fingertips.

SteadyMD x Athelo Group

When we were introduced to SteadyMD, their branding was catered towards a niche audience. Their business development team was headed by someone with a CrossFit background, which helped to bring their company to a wider fitness community. However, we thought they had the potential to expand their business to a broader clientele.

What We’ve Done for SteadyMD

Our goal was to dive into the untapped potential that SteadyMD could generate already cooked into their brand. Everyone can agree that accessible healthcare is extremely beneficial and we wanted to be able to have athletes demonstrate that. We helped them branch out into partnerships with individuals in eSports, surfing, and sports broadcasting. The mission with SteadyMD was to establish long-term relationships with these athletes through enhanced story-telling opportunities.     

What We’ve Learned from Them

Working with SteadyMD helped us gain a foothold in the health and fitness community. We had minimal knowledge about this industry before our partnership. We also have SteadyMD to thank for introducing us to Ashley Horner, who is now one of our strongest athlete relationships. With a solid grip on how to navigate the fitness industry, we were able to expand our capabilities and better serve a wider variety of athletes and brands.

What SteadyMD brings to the table

SteadyMD has proven to be a top-tier collaborator on many fronts. This brand is clear-cut in its mission to simplify primary care health. The relationships they already established were strong and told their story well. They also provided us a whole new side of athletics for Athelo Group that we never had the connections to explore before. They pushed us past our comfort zone, in turn, making us better as a company. 

The future of our partnership

As we continue to work with SteadyMD we will push them to expand further past their perceived limits. This brand has the potential to reach a broader audience through a variety of channels that we want to help them explore. We will continue to nudge them outside of their traditional framework through creativity and custom strategies.

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