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Traeger Grills.

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Time to evolve.

If you’re in search of a top-tier wood pellet grill, look no further than Traeger Grills. This brand is about more than just manufacturing grills; Traeger wants to help their customers craft food that brings people together. Their mission is to bring the community back to the Traegerhood. Wood-fired cooking is something we can all gather around. From home chefs to pitmasters, everyone has an invite to the backyard BBQ. 

Traeger Grills x Athelo Group

Community building is at the heart of our partnership with Traeger Grills. They want to seek out those who might not be naturally drawn to wood pellet grilling. While they are a leading force in the outdoor smoking and grilling space, above all, we are continually working to expand their reach beyond the confines of their niche. Through athlete product seeding, creative content creation, and philanthropic tie-ins, Athelo Group is helping Traeger Grills grow their reach. 

What We’ve Done for Traeger Grills

Traeger Grills is always on the lookout for new ways to work outside of their wheelhouse. They want to forge unlikely connections and spread their community-centric brand far and wide. With this mission in mind, the team at Athelo Group works to reach out to a diverse array of athletes that resonate with their brand and premium products. 

What We’ve Learned from Traeger Grills 

Working with Traeger Grills has been a great way to zero in on our own community-building skills. We are hard at work to help them forge authentic connections with our athletes. One great relationship to come out of our partnership with Traeger Grills is their relationship with Ashley Horner. She is now their lead athlete ambassador. We’re grateful for the opportunity to help nurture relationships like these.

What Traeger Grills brings to the table

Traeger Grills is a credible label with top-brand legitimacy. They are a company people want to be associated with. Beyond representing a well-known, accredited brand, Traeger Grills also truly care about their community. When they take on an ambassador, they truly bring them into the fold. Traeger Grills cares deeply about its athletes and works to help them enrich their lives in a meaningful way. 

The future of our partnership

With relationship-building at the center of this partnership, we will continue to help forge new connections for Traeger Grills. From micro-influencers to celebrities, the goal is to build a robust roster of individuals to promote the brand across a diverse spread of new geographic locations, social media, and other avenues. We’re eager to see how this partnership continues to flourish. 

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