July 20, 2023

Athelo Group Signs Three-Time Super Bowl Champion and Olympic Rugby Star Nate Ebner to Athlete Roster

Nate Ebner Announcement Press Release copy - Athelo Group Signs Three-Time Super Bowl Champion and Olympic Rugby Star Nate Ebner to Athlete Roster - Athelo Group

Athelo Group’s roster continues to expand with the addition of Nate Ebner

Norwalk, Connecticut (July 20, 2023) ---Athelo Group is pleased to announce the welcoming of three-time Super Bowl champion and rugby star, Nate Ebner, to its athlete family. As a former NFL player for the New England Patriots and New York Giants, and professional rugby player for Team USA, Ebner will bring a new and dynamic perspective to Athelo Group’s diverse talent and personalities roster. Ebner's professional career, despite facing many challenges both on and off the field coupled with his drive to work hard and not let his circumstances define his work ethic, provides a unique outlook that he is impassioned to share with the next generation and beyond.

“Ebner is a talented and dedicated professional with an unbelievable personal story that has shaped how he moves through life - both in sport and out. Working with an athlete of such dedication and unwavering character is truly inspiring and we are thrilled to walk alongside Nate in his journey to share what has gotten him to where he is today,” said Athelo Group President, Andrew Stallings.

Starting his career as a walk-on for Ohio State's rugby and football teams, Ebner is an incredible example of success via grit and determination– of which he attributes to his father who instilled a strong work ethic in him from a very young age. Ebner aspires to share his message of overcoming obstacles and challenges through his own experiences as a young athlete, as well as what character and motivation meant to him. 

“I’m excited to announce that I will be working with Athelo Group. Through all my years of sports I’ve come to clearly understand how success depends on a team that shares the same vision and passion for hard work and dreaming big,” Ebner said.

In addition to his impressive athletic career, Nate Ebner is a published author with his book Finish Strong: A Father's Code and a Son's Path, detailing the lessons that furnished his success to date. 

For more information, or to request an interview or speaking engagement with Ebner, contact Athelo Group at adelara@athelogroup.com.

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