July 22, 2021

Athlete Partnerships Are The Key to SEO

In the world of social media, a majority of athletes have built an organic following made up of fans that support their career, sport, team, or lifestyle. Athletes have taken over the social media space allowing them to create business opportunities outside of athletics. Most find themselves in high demand when it comes to brand ambassador partnerships and sponsorships alike. These business ventures are not only useful to athletes but the companies as well who benefit in multiple different sectors. Not only can a business gain exposure through athlete partnerships but they can leverage them to increase SEO. 

The simplest way for a business to analyze success from an athlete partnership is by tracking web traffic and sales each time they are highlighted via the athletes’ social channels. What factor aids this increase in organic traffic, lead conversions, and eventually SEO rank? The answer is content!

Search Engine Optimization improves website traffic by making your site more visible, which in turn increases sales. When improving SEO, the first step is to begin building a strong link profile. This is achieved by creating internal links and backlinks. When working with athletes, they will often create content that links back to the brand’s site generating multiple high-quality backlinks. Their content establishes an extensive link profile while also increasing organic search traffic.

For a business to reap the full effects of athlete partnerships, it must examine both the company and the athletes’ audience. The most effective way for a company to drive SEO via athletes is by choosing those who have a complementary brand yet a unique audience. If a business can broaden its reach within a target audience, there will be a natural increase in brand engagement.

Many companies have used influencer and athlete marketing to expedite their audience exposure, SEO, and eventually sales. 

The watch company MVMT, has risen in the SEO ranks by working with small and large influencers and athletes. By marketing almost solely on social media, MVMT now competes as one of the most visible watch brands online today. 

Leading cooler and drinkware company, YETI, has also used athlete ambassadors to increase their SEO rank further. Although YETI did not begin their SEO development with athletes and influencers like MVMT, they have still been able to capitalize on similar partnerships. The company started off in the ranch and rodeo industry and has expanded its reach by working with athletes like rock climber Beth Rodden and waterwoman Lauren Spalding.

Fitness drink company, Celsius has combined working with athletes and influencers to take over the industry. They’ve partnered with influencers like Chantel Jeffries and athletes such as Alexa Score, Zane Schweitzer, and Paddy Mack. By utilizing such relationships, Celsius has assembled a powerful social media presence and SEO strategy. 

Just as a business can use athlete partnerships to improve its SEO, athletes should be looking to do the same. But why is it important for athletes to focus on SEO rank? 

A strong SEO strategy can help build long-term success. If athletes spend time building an SEO campaign, they can help ensure future audience growth without investing in paid advertising. 

Not only does SEO help in the long run, but it aids present endeavors. A main aspect of SEO is establishing credibility. If athletes can build site credibility, they will also present their brand in a more professional manner. 

SEO directly affects engagement as well. When an athlete shows professionalism and long-term growth, their engagement will also spike. High engagement will attract brands to athletes since many use the numbers to prospect and measure campaign success. 

All in all, athletes can help businesses build their link profile, create unique content, and increase engagement which directly drives a brand’s SEO rank. Likewise, brand partnerships can also help athletes improve their personal rank in order to increase professionalism, engagement, and future audience growth.


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