July 17, 2023

The Refurbished US Open of Surfing

Dating back to 1959, the historic site of Huntington Beach, CA, has been used to create a unique surfing competition that brings surfers and fans from around the world to one location. This event determines which surfers have what it takes to qualify for the World Surf League (WSL). Through the years, the competition has created significant moments in WSL history and ultimately allowed the world of surfing to grow exponentially. The competition was rebranded over the years, and finally, in 1996, it became the prominent US Open of Surfing. As the US Open approaches, the WSL decided to spice things up and change the overall fan experience to benefit all fans who step foot onto the beach. With a record-breaking attendance at Huntington Beach last year, the WSL wants to continue growing its market to open up the surfing world to everyone. With many historic moments, competitions, and sponsors, the WSL and Huntington Beach want to create a competition that will impact the overall future of surfing. 

Wallex Headlines the Event 

For the past 10 years, the US Open of Surfing used the shoe company Vans to promote and gain traction within their community. Vans has historically worked with niche sports, which allowed them to foster a unique relationship with the US Open of Surfing and its small community.  Although Vans and the US Open collaborated positively over those 10 years, the WSL decided it was time to implement a new sponsor that would open the world of surfing to a different audience. Starting this year, Wallex, a global financial technology company, will be taking over and proudly representing the prestigious competition. This alliance creates a unique partnership for the event and the future of surfing.

Wallex coming in as the new sponsor creates a feeling of enthusiasm as the company is young and growing and has dedicated itself to creating the best competition for surfers and fans. With much emphasis on creating the best environment for surfers, fans, and spectators, they also want to focus on particular elements that can positively impact the competition itself. With their technological advancements and dedication to constantly growing, Wallex’s approach will ultimately transform the US Open into an unforgettable and inclusive experience. 

The announcement of Wallex becoming the new official sponsor of the competition has allowed a new era to begin within the world of surfing. Through this sponsorship, the surfing community has seen that their advanced technology, passion for innovation, and commitment to their athletes will allow this year's US Open to flourish. This action-packed competition will become even more interactive, and with Wallex at the forefront, this year’s US Open will impact surfing for many years to come. 

US Open of Surfing

New Opportunities for the Fans

As more and more fans become involved with the sport, additional opportunities have opened up for the WSL. Instead of having everyone stand on the beach, the league decided to create a more fan and family-focused environment. Many historic and new sponsors will have the chance to interact with the world of surfing as the fans will have an opportunity to be up close and personal with the action. This change will create a new and improved feel to the event and will allow fans to have more options and engagement with the events over the week-long event. 

Fans are one of, if not the most important, elements to consider when creating a competition/event. The WSL and Wallex have accounted for this, and have taken significant action to ensure fans have the best game-day experience. The league announced that they will be holding a festival-style setup featuring many new and upcoming sponsors, as well as those who have represented Huntington Beach over the years. With the addition of food trucks, athlete signings, beach activities, and more, they want everyone attending the competition to have anything they desire. The idea of creating a festival setup for this competition will allow fans the opportunity not just to watch, but interact with new businesses, sponsors, and ultimately, people who make a huge impact on the surfing world. The WSL and Wallex realize how much history goes into this event and wouldn’t want to do anything to take away from that. 

The sport of surfing continuously grows in skill, known as one of the most extreme sports on the planet. The WSL has decided to step it up and add to the extremeness by including the Nitro Circus, known for its daring motocross tricks and stunts. The Nitro Circus event will be a freestyle competition and will take place right on the beach. With their gravity-defying tricks and jaw-dropping feats, the Nitro Circus athletes push the boundaries of what is possible, showcasing their incredible skills and fearlessness. The synergies between the two sports will create an even more extreme sports environment as fans can watch two of the most entertaining and niche-oriented sports in the world at the same time and place. Together, this collaboration will create an electrifying performance that will leave the audience admiring all of the athletes’ abilities, and creating memories of a lifetime. 

All of these new and improved additions are being made to fit the needs of all fans and spectators, whether you're a long-time surf fan or just getting into the sport. This fresh approach will allow fans and spectators an opportunity to involve themselves with the surf community in one of the most historic sites.  

Leaving A Lasting Impact 

The US Open has been around for quite some time and surfers coming from all over the world, the pressure is on and everyone can feel it. At the end of the six days of events, 80 men and 48 women will have to rack up as many points as possible to compete and qualify for only a few spots. Making it into the men’s top 10 and women’s top 5 will give surfers an edge, as this competition is the perfect place for surfers to gain an advantage over their competitors. These intense days leave fans and spectators in awe, and the new sponsor wants this event to impact how surfing competitions will be conducted and viewed. 

The WSL and Wallex saw an opportunity to combine their skills and assets to create a new and improved US Open, one that caters not only to athletes, but also to the dedicated fans. The addition of the new festival-style setup, sponsors, the Nitro Cross event, and more, has allowed fans and spectators to experience a surfing event in a completely new way. The combination of the action sport and the pioneering technology, the Wallex US Open of Surfing will allow for a remarkable encounter that will blend the energy from the tournament with the connectivity and effectiveness that Wallex provides. It was clear when this alliance was formed that both wanted to create an environment for the fans that was family-friendly, action-packed, and community-based. By focusing on and implementing all three of these elements into the event, they hope that all surfing competitions can use the US Open as an example to follow. 

Following the lead of the Wallex US Open of Surfing will ultimately give other competitions and events an example of how to create a more holistic event experience. This is important for the evolution of the sport because as surfing continues to grow, the fan experience becomes vital and each competition will need to make sure they cater to their base in order to attract new fans. In the coming weeks, get ready to watch the best surfers in the world ride the waves that might get them to the top of the rankings, while having so many opportunities at your fingertips.


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