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Liquid I.V.

Partnership type: Recruitment Model

Time to evolve.

With a highly effective product and a resolute sense of purpose, Liquid I.V. has a lot to offer. Its cutting-edge, science-based hydration multiplier is crafted with only the most exceptional ingredients. Liquid I.V. prides itself on providing a delicious, functional product while also supporting people and the planet. These values are clear to see in the work they do with their partners.           

Liquid I.V x Athelo Group

As an emerging power-house in the hydration industry and a brand with a robust sense of self, we were intrigued by the prospect of working with Liquid I.V. They were already working with top-tier celebrity investors while leading the pack with a top-shelf product. Athelo Group was poised and ready to introduce pro athletes into their catalog of partnerships for the first time. 

What We’ve Done for Liquid I.V. 

While Liquid I.V. has the vision and innovation, we brought the opportunity to venture into other verticals at scale. With the help of Athelo Group and our rank of athletes, they could explore different avenues and connect with new potential customers. We helped pave the way for Liquid I.V. to play around with micro audiences to see who might be interested in their products. 


Over the course of three months, the results are in:


61,103+ Interactions

1,561,163+ Views

1,492,574+ Impressions

A Word From Liquid I.V. 

“Athelo Group was great to work with over the term of our relationship. We received engaging and entertaining content from the athletes we worked with and the whole process was nothing but smooth.”

What We’ve Learned from Liquid I.V. 

Working with Liquid I.V. granted us the opportunity to fine-tune a variety of recruitment model strategies. This was a pivotal experience for us to experiment and improve upon for not only this brand but for other partnerships as well.  

What Liquid I.V brings to the table

  • Positioned as an authority in their industry, Liquid I.V. is a strong partner to have in our corner. They are a well-known brand with a product that their customers love. That is a powerful quality for a brand partner to maintain. We had the chance to take their partnerships to places no one in their space has attempted yet because they had the room and breadth to foster that sort of exploration.CAMPAIGN HIGHLIGHTSDJ Diveny: TikTok 

    Alex Aust: TikTok

    Summer Macedo: Instagram

The future of our partnership

We are looking forward to helping Liquid I.V. continue to sharpen its messaging for new audiences within unique verticals. As we resume our partnership, we hope to continue finding ways to foster a reciprocal relationship between the brand and our athletes while expanding the reach of all parties involved.

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