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Snow Monkey Ice Cream.

Partnership type: Elevated Partnership

Time to evolve.

Snow Monkey Ice Cream came to be out of one woman’s craving for a healthy sweet. Rachel Geicke was diagnosed with Celiac disease in 2014. While she was on the Boston University D1 Rowing team, she started experimenting with different ways to craft a nutritious, gluten-free “ice cream” out of frozen bananas. Little did she know this would be the foundation of her future business. Snow Monkey Ice Cream officially launched out of Los Angeles in January 2017. 

Snow Monkey Ice Cream x Athelo Group

While on the hunt for the ideal business partner for our athletes, we discovered Snow Monkey Ice Cream and founder Brisa Hennessy. With so much of her time and energy going into her sport, Brisa has no time to go back to school, yet she is immensely passionate about business and entrepreneurship. We thought Snow Monkey Ice Cream would be the ideal brand for her to cultivate a relationship with. With a vegan product and a powerhouse team of women at the helm, it was a perfect fit for Brisa.

What We’ve Done for Snow Monkey

As a startup, Snow Monkey Ice Cream isn’t at the point where they want to hire a team to handle their marketing yet. But since they’re working with Brisa and AG, we act as a creative agency for them. We provide a base of knowledge to support not only their relationship with Brisa, but also their burgeoning company. With our support, Snow Monkey is able to reach their key audience with messaging through a unique lens we helped to hone in on. We also helped them connect with some of their other athlete ambassadors. 

What We’ve Learned from Them

Snow Monkey Ice Cream gave us the chance to work alongside a startup brand and rising athlete simultaneously. We’re following a rising tide with both Brisa and this brand. Getting a taste for how to successfully navigate such fast-paced trajectories is a great practice for our business and will pay off as both brands continue to grow.

What Snow Monkey Ice Cream brings to the table

This brand knows how to identify the relationships they want to foster and bring them together. As a company run by women and with roots in the world of athletics, they are a hyper-niche brand that can resonate deeply with those who care about equality and women empowerment. They offer a fresh perspective that athletes like Brisa connect with on a deeper level than the average company. 

The future of our partnership

As our partnership with Snow Monkey Ice Cream continues, our goal is to keep building out their relationship with Brisa and expanding their assets and opportunities. We’re looking forward to helping them strategize customized, creative product lines, educational content, and more ways to tap into the larger nutrition industry. 

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